Friday, 2 June 2017


In a recent conversation with my friends on watsapp  we were discussing on our career profiles and domains. What intrigued me was their clarity of thought on their career path.
One had a clear picture of doing business analysis and travelling abroad for a long time to work with business professionals and getting a good amount of recognition and off course remuneration. The other spoke of becoming a management consultant and conquering a new way of helping organizations to improve on their performances.
I feel like an alien in a land of intellectuals, who is still trying to decipher the actual meaning of "what in future". I have still not understood the quintessential meaning of "Career progression". I have tried a lot of things, I have worked round the clock to meet the customer deadlines and have woken up to client meetings early in the morning which have made me realize how sleep being disturbed by  M.S Subbalakshmi's 'Kausalya Supraja'  is a thousand times better!
I have been doing people management lately and trust me I have met strange and demented people as team members. There are the normal ones too, however as a human propensity I am beguiled by the others. Dealing with people who can never accept a lady as their manager is another blow. This makes me feel how ironical we Indians are, we make huge idols of goddesses and believe that worshipping them leads to better results than worshipping the other God’s, but we can never respect a lady who is lively and actively engaged. I sometimes consider making an idol of myself and placing it in front of the office door!
With all this in hand, when people come to me with their enthusiastic plans for future, I ask myself was I also not born after 9 months of stay in my mother’s womb? If yes why am I so different, why don’t I have any thought on how to frame my future. All such questions concern me many a times when I am not engrossed in my day to day chores. But then I come back remembering a line from Bhagwadgita which says as follows “It is Nature that causes all movement. Deluded by the ego, the fool harbors the perception that says “I did it”.”
So that way I leave all my future to mother nature, huh...! another powerful lady!.
I agree that I am aimless, but sometimes I feel it’s good to surprise yourself everyday rather than being prepared for it. When a fear is unknown we face it then, but when we anticipate it we remain apprehensive for days until we come in touch with it. The following line by O.Henry has inspired me in being the way I am
“The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate.”