Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What’s Ghajini.txt?

I had then recently joined MindTree from college. We had our training for about 3 to 4 months. I still cherish those days as most of my friends were in MindTree and I always felt I am still in college. J. Finally we graduated from training sessions and joined projects which were allocated to us. Because of this all of us were scattered and we used to communicate via office communicator or  mails. We used to share songs as well (via mail). But as any mp3 extensions would be blocked by the firewall, we used to share songs with extension .txt. This file needs to be saved as .wmb or mp3 to listen to the song. We used to share new movie songs like this.

One day I got such a mail with an attachment Ghajini.txt. Ghajini was the latest movie then. Almost everyone from whom I had heard had liked the movie. I was happy to see that mail. I right clicked on the file saved it in my system with required extension. I listened to the same song many times on that day while working, liked it and went home. Next day as usual I came to office and was working and was listening to the same song. J. Then my manager came to me, smiled at me and called me for a meeting. I followed him to a meeting room. (I was worried when he called me for a one on one meeting. I thought “he was smiling, so no problem”J.).When I entered the meeting room I found our group manager and delivery manager waiting for me. Looking at them I felt I have either done something very good for which they will appreciate me or I would be blasted for some nuisance I would have created. With all such thoughts I was just standing in the room with no clue of why am there.

My delivery head then asked me “Why have you taken a print out of 475 pages?” I was shocked to hear these words. I had no clue on, when I had taken a print out; that too of 475 pages! I said “No, I haven’t taken”. He showed me some list where against my Id 475 pages of print out was displayed. I had no answer. I wanted to say “Some bhooth-preth would have taken it I haven’t”, but kept quiet as I would be banged for such an answerJ. Looking at me he said “What’s Ghajini.txt?” I replied “Hey new movie released last week!” I still feel, what on earth made me say that!J. My manager and group manager started laughing at my reply. I was serious and was cursing myself for giving a reply which would put me into more trouble.

Delivery head continued and said “You have taken a print out of Ghajini.txt and that has resulted in 475 pages of junk characters”. He was furious when he said that. I guess my response would have made him more furious. I was speechless. I dint know what to say. I just said “I had got the song in mail. I don’t know how and when I printed the same”. He said “You are not supposed to share songs through mails”. I dint know what to say.  My eyes were filled with tears. I was controlling my tears and kept quiet. He said “Don’t do it again and sent me back”. I came back to my cubicle and told my miserable (then) story to everyone (my dad, mom, sis, friends etc) and consoled myselfJ.I checked how print out would have been given. Later I got to know my outlook was configured in such a way that when I say print it will directly be printed without giving a pop up. Might be I would have by mistake giving for print instead of save. I changed the outlook settings. I went home and narrated the same to my roommates, they started laughing at my reaction to delivery head “Movie released last week”. I also joined them had fun and slept off.

Next day morning I came to office and was just checking my mails. My delivery head came near my cubicle calling my name. I got scared “Ayyo! Not again”. I was about to say “I will pay for the sheets” but kept quiet. I stood up frightened. He calmed me and made me sit. He apologized for being rude to me the other day. He said “You should not take such things very seriously and start crying etc”. I dint know what to say againJ. I smiled and said “Sorry I will not do it again”. He again apologized and left. All my colleagues were staring at me. They were surprised to see delivery head apologizing to me.

Till today my friends and colleagues tease me saying “Delivery head wouldn’t have apologized to client for anything but you made him apologize” J I join them and laugh it off. J

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